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Unattended Windows Installations

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Order of Preparation

  1. Integrate Ryans Updates into your WinXP Installation source first so they can be modified or removed in a later stage if required.
  2. Run nLite to slipstream servicepacks, remove unwanted Services and Components. You can add some later, like WMP11 or IE7.
  3. Integrate Addons, so XPize can modify them at a later stage.
  4. Integrate WMP11 before XPize changes resources.
  5. XPize near the end to avoid any files replacing the XPized ones.
  6. Add the DriverPacks


After Installing

Once you have installed your new operating system, you will need to make a few manual settings to get it customized. Give your system a unique name, enable file sharing.

Set File and Printer Sharing

Use the file and printer sharing wizard to get your system set up for sharing files, and give your computer a unique name at the same time.

  1. Open file Explorer and right-click any folder and select “Sharing and Security…”. The first time you run the wizard will not set sharing on the folder you selected.
  2. Under the Sharing tab, click the link that says “Network Security Wizard”. Do not skip the wizard the first time you set up a folder, otherwise you’ll have all sorts of problems accessing your folders. You can skip the wizard when you set up subsequent folders.
  3. In the Network Setup Wizard click Next twice.
  4. Select a connection method. The second option is probably the most common.
  5. Enter a name for your computer, and an optional description, then click Next
  6. Enter your network workgroup name and click Next. All of your computers should use the same workgroup name.
  7. Select Turn on file and printer sharing and click next
  8. Click Next and the wizard will configure your network
  9. Select the fourth option (“Just finish the wizard…”) and click Next
  10. Click Finish, then restart your computer when prompted.


Font Editor

Windows XP and Win2000 SP2 come with a font editor called eudcedit.exe, usually in your Windows\System32 folder. Although your new font may look blocky or pixellated, Windows estimates a better vector representation that can be seen by selecting Show Outline on the View menu.
Use charmap.exe to use your new characters.