How to Draw Manga Girls

Drawing Manga Girls starts out with the theory of using wireframes versus shaded models, the different type of bodies (sporty, slim). The Manga style should not be confused with the Anime style. Manga proportions are very similar to real-life proportions, whereas Anime proportions wildly differ from anything in real life 🙂


The next chapter shows the difference between real proportions and manga proportions when drawing female bodies.

How to Draw Female Superheros

“How To Draw: Heroic Anatomy” is the first book of the Wizard How To Draw series on drawing superheroes. Following are some snippets from the section on drawing female superheros.

As everything, it starts with the basics, i.e. proportions. Notice how she stands with her hips cocked a little and the leg thrust forward?

Also notice in the direct torso comparison below, how the male one is ramrod straight, but she curves and leans just a little bit in the same pose? You should also compare the Superheroic proportions to the manga female styles.

How to draw Superheroes

Ratcreature posted an article about drawing comic superheros containing a couple of scanned chapters from a book called How to Draw Comic Superheros available from Amazon. The quality of the book looks excellent and makes me want to start sharpening pencils…. now if only I could draw.

Here are some clips from the first book of the Wizard How To Draw series on “How To Draw: Heroic Anatomy”.

First the male superhero and getting his proportions right.

Compare and contrast the chapters on “Superheroic Men” and “Superheroic Women”. For the male superhero it is all about more or less ridiculously enlarged muscles as we learn:

Female superheroes don’t have it that easy, they need to worry about tilting their shoulder, nipple and pubic lines attractively at all times, not to mention legs, breast size, eye make-up and hair.