Zero-installation Word and Excel Editors

Zero-installation applications can be run from USB sticks and are extremely useful for troubleshooting.

Spread32 is shareware and can do almost everything Excel does. It does not support Visual Basic, but it can run Excel 4 macros. 912KB

Atlantis Nova can edit Word documents and save them as .RTF. 1MB

With an installation size of 275MB for Microsoft Office XP, and about 250MB for OpenOffice, the tiny 2Mb for Spread32 and Nova is a small price to pay for two very useful applications on your troubleshooting USB stick.

uTorrent vs Azureus

Weighing in at a tiny 171K, uTorrent packs an incredible amount of functionality compared to Azureus which comes to 14.8Mb, and thats not even including the plugins and Java runtime.

There is an add-on for Firefox that integrates uTorrent’s Web Interface (which needs to be downloaded separately) into the Firefox sidebar to display upload and download speeds. You can download torrents by simply dragging the .torrent link on to the sidebar.


The Washington Post describes one technique that e-gold is using to reduce the likelihood of phishing. It involves displaying images reading “THIS IS A FRAUDULENT WEB SITE” when the image is linked to by any site not included in a whitelist of sites permitted to use those images.

While this method is not infallible, anything that online companies can do to reduce the prossibility of unaware users falling for a phishing link is a Good Thing.

Other prevention techniques mentioned by the commentors to the article include entering your username first, then displaying an image you previously uploaded before asking for your password, and asking you a security question if you appear to be using a different computer than usual.

Users can also install tools that provide warnings about suspicious sites. Netcraft Toolbar, CallingID and even Internet Explorer 7.0 can help reduce the chance of your confidential information getting into the wrong hands.

WYSIWYG Blog Editors

Trying w.bloggar for the first time. Its a Windows application, there doesn’t appear to be a Mac or Linux version available. After installation, when you run it you enter the hostname, username and password information for adding posts to your blog, then you type away. You can add more accounts from the File menu if you have two or more blogs you want to post to. It is compatible with over 30 different blog tools, so your likely to be able to use it with whatever one you’re using.
The default font size was a little small to read, but you can increase the font size from the Tools, Options, Code Editor window.
I clicked on Post and checked my blog, no sign of the post. I eventually realized it was saved as a draft, and I found it under Manage, Post in the admin tool. Clicking Publish sent it to the front page.
Use the Post & Publish button if you’re confident your post is fit to publish.
Categories are downloaded from your site.

Its not a WYSIWYG editor, the HTML code appears as you type. There is a quick preview however.


Research your HYIP

Search for your prospective HYIP on a couple of HYIP ratings sites to see how it is rated.

Read through forums to see what other investors have to say about each HYIP

Open an online banking account

Do not invest more than you are prepared to lose. If you are not prepared to lose your investment, dont risk it.

Don’t invest too much initially. At first, test with the minimum amount allowed by the program, or $5 to $10 at most. After you are more confident with the reliability and performance of the program, you can consider increasing your investment to $20 or more.

Do not invest everything into one HYIP. Diversify. Build a portfolio of HYIPs. The more programs you are investing in, the less chance of losing all your money.

Be wary of programs offering more than 2% per day.

Calculate how long it will take to get back your initial investment, including any charges. Your investment is vulnerable during this period, so aim to recover it as quickly as possible.

Once you have recovered your investment you can relax. If the program looks reliable, consider re-investing no more than half of your profits.

Pay to Surf Sites

File Storage Sites

When email limits the size of files you want to send to someone, try one of these file transfer websites. 5 files, 100MB, 5 downloads, 3 days retention 250MB, 10 downloads, 5 days retention 10 files, 100MB, 5 downloads, 3days retention 100MB per file, 5 downloads, 7 days retention 10 files at a time, 100MB, 5 downloads, 3 days retention 1GB per file, no limit on number of downloads, 7 days retention (slow up/download speeds, not Japanese compatible) 50MB per file, no limit on downloads, 30 days retention (very slow speeds)

Runing Access Queries

My favorite method for executing SQL, be it saved queries or raw SQL, is the Execute method of the Database object. You can execute a statement with a single line, like this:

CurrentDb.Execute "UPDATE titles SET price = price * 1.10"

In this case, CurrentDB references the currently open database. Alternatively, you can create and load a Database object variable, which will allow you to accomplish more with this method. After setting the variable, you can execute a query, supply additional options and even read the number of rows affected. While this takes a few more lines, it is by no means verbose:

Dim dbs As DAO.Database, sql as String, iCount as Integer
Set dbs = CurrentDb
sql = "DELETE * FROM stores WHERE state='WY'"
'(not that there's anything wrong with Wyoming!)
dbs.Execute sql, dbFailOnError
iCount = dbs.RecordsAffected

Network Install at T-12

During WinXP installation, if you try to access a network share at T-12 then you get a “Workstation is not running” error. Starting the workstation service manually with net start workstation reports the service is already running.

The the issue is that microsoft left out some info in the system hive so you need to edit it and add back the missing info.

To fix this problem, edit the Hivesys.inf file in your Windows XP distribution, and add the following missing statement after the HKLM,”SYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlNetworkProviderHwOrder”,,0×00000012 line:


This will allow you to do installs from t-12 and t-13 since the rest of the networking is up and running.

It works, but only under specific conditions:

It does not work when I try to connect using: net use \ /user:unattended unattended.

But when I try net use \ enter and then type unattended and password unattended, then it does work!

net use : \ /user: [] /persistent:no

this works:
net use \ unattended /user: