Toyd 3D Desktop for Windows

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Toy’d is an advanced next-generation Window Manager built on top of Aoof-Wm, an Advanced Object Oriented Framework designed specifically for the development of portable Window Management systems.


How to Draw Manga Girls

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Drawing Manga Girls starts out with the theory of using wireframes versus shaded models, the different type of bodies (sporty, slim). The Manga style should not be confused with the Anime style. Manga proportions are very similar to real-life proportions, whereas Anime proportions wildly differ from anything in real life 🙂 The next chapter shows […]

Windows XP

Unattended Windows Installations

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Installing Windows 98 Run Windows 98 from a CD Driver Packs for Windows 98 Unattended Windows Installations Create an Unattended Windows XP CD Create a Multi-Boot DVD with every operating system and support tool you ever need Integrate Microsoft Update into your install CD Unattended Application Installations The Great Unattended Project is an executable that […]


Zero-installation Word and Excel Editors

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Zero-installation applications can be run from USB sticks and are extremely useful for troubleshooting. Spread32 is shareware and can do almost everything Excel does. It does not support Visual Basic, but it can run Excel 4 macros. 912KB Atlantis Nova can edit Word documents and save them as .RTF. 1MB With an installation size of […]


103" Viera TV

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This 103″ TFT is amazing. I was looking at it for about 15 minutes in Yodobashi Camera in Ginza today while looking for a TV stand for my 15 year old 27″ TV which has been sitting on the floor for 2 years. At 1.3 million yen the Viera was kinda over of my budget. Sorry about the picture, […]


Interesting Links

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How to triple boot XP, Vista and Ubuntu on one PC. Pearsonified Blog The 25 Funniest Analogies Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby, an entertaining, if a litle long-winded, manual to the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails Howtos Rolling with Ruby on Rails, a guide to installing and building a web application with Ruby on […]


Palm Programming

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OnboardC is a complete C programming environment for your Palm. The source editor, resource editor and compiler all run on your Palm so you can develop on the move. Handheld Basic++ (HB++) is a very nicely designed visual basic development environment. The Palm Programmers Cookbook describes the basics of programming for Palm and contains examples […]