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Koenji Festival 2016

A wonderful dance team at the Koenji street festival

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Hiroko Mima – Miss Universe Japan 2008

Hiroko Mima has won the 2008 Miss Universe Japan. Hiroko, a university student and athlete from Tokushima in Western Japan, was selected from amongst 9 other beautiful ladies to represent Japan at the Miss Universe competition in Hanoi, Vietnam on … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Android

Android is an Operating System and application suite for mobile devices. It is being developed by the Open Alliance Project, with Google being a major partner so its is developing a lot of interest. The $10 million in prizes they … Continue reading

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Reinstalling the .NET Framework

Having trouble with your .NET framework? I had a difficult time getting Windows Update to install Hotfix KB928366 on my computer. No matter what I did, I couldn’t uninstall or fix the .NET Framework. After a lot of Googling and … Continue reading

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Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Went to the Tokyo Motor Show in Makuhari Messe today and met up with Hiro and Kesava. The new concept cars range from extremely cool to butt ugly. Check out more photos here.

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Essential WordPress Plugins

404 Notifier helps you identify any broken links in your site. Great if you move posts around and need to update links. Note it only works with pretty permalinks (2006/12/30/post-name), not ugly (?p123) ones. Redirection Manage 301 redirections, keep track … Continue reading

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Have you seen my iPod?

Ed mislaid his video iPod last night. Luckily enough, Greg noticed it and put it somewhere safe so it wouldnt be stolen. He was even kind enough to leave a postit to mark the spot. Too bad the postit blew away…

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The New Mailboxes

The new in-out trays have been installed, complete with instructions.

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BTO Party

IT had a mid-project party in Andys Bar in Yurakucho. We set out to beat the budget of Â¥500,000. The 8 pint Guiness was popular – we went through at least 3 of them.

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Start Synergy before the Login on Ubuntu

If you have a Linux Synergy client connecting to a Synergy server on another machine, you’ll want the client to start up with GDM so that you can access the mouse and keyboard to log in. Here’s how to get … Continue reading

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