How to Draw Manga Girls

Drawing Manga Girls starts out with the theory of using wireframes versus shaded models, the different type of bodies (sporty, slim). The Manga style should not be confused with the Anime style. Manga proportions are very similar to real-life proportions, whereas Anime proportions wildly differ from anything in real life 🙂


The next chapter shows the difference between real proportions and manga proportions when drawing female bodies.

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2 thoughts on “How to Draw Manga Girls

  1. hello this is the first time ive visited this site. i just have one question and would appreciate it if youd reply. im having trouble drawing guns and other weapons as well as effects like explosions, slowing down time, lighting, clothing folds, and environments. would you be kind as to give me a link to these tutorials or email me some books that will help me?

    1. ya i need help with that too! i suggest a manga drawing book, though! i used one and within a month could draw some amazing stuff! But as for the clothing folds and such, i recommend several books, or look it up on google!! i found some great stuff there!

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