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Trying w.bloggar for the first time. Its a Windows application, there doesn’t appear to be a Mac or Linux version available. After installation, when you run it you enter the hostname, username and password information for adding posts to your blog, then you type away. You can add more accounts from the File menu if you have two or more blogs you want to post to. It is compatible with over 30 different blog tools, so your likely to be able to use it with whatever one you’re using.
The default font size was a little small to read, but you can increase the font size from the Tools, Options, Code Editor window.
I clicked on Post and checked my blog, no sign of the post. I eventually realized it was saved as a draft, and I found it under Manage, Post in the admin tool. Clicking Publish sent it to the front page.
Use the Post & Publish button if you’re confident your post is fit to publish.
Categories are downloaded from your site.

Its not a WYSIWYG editor, the HTML code appears as you type. There is a quick preview however.

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