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I’ve been keeping notes while I am setting up WordPress. What I really want is to be able to post by email from my phone. Its been difficult, but it looks like its just about starting to work.

The hard part was getting a mail plugin to work with WordPress v2.0.

Under Options – Writing setup email options

For moblogs

if you want to use yahoo or hotmail, which dont allow POP access unless you subscribe, download MrPostman from

MrPostman is an email gateway from local POP clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla’s mail client etc. to different web mail services like Yahoo and Hotmail. It is being designed for extensibility so is easy to add more web mail services to it.

Dont use your existing Yahoo or Hotmail account or all your mail will be deleted. The default setting of MrPostman downloads and deletes all mail from your server, so set up a new Hotmail or Yahoo account. Since all mails to your new account will automatically be added to your Blog, make the account name difficult to guess.

Apart from that, MrPostman works fine out of the box. Theres a batch file included that installs MrPostman as a service so it will run automatically when your PC restarts.

Change WordPress mail settings to use port 11110 instead of the usual port 110 for POP.

  • Mailserver: localhost
  • Port: 11110
  • Login name:
  • Password: xxxxxxx
  • Default category: Moblog

Or if you can get a user working on Mercury.

  • Mailserver:
  • Port: 110
  • Login name: blogmail
  • Password: xxxxx

Dont forget to change the passwords for the Mercury Mail default users to improve security. Mercury Mail doesnt have a configuration setting to run as a service, so to get Mercury to run every time your computer starts, put a shortcut to MercuryMail\Mercury.exe into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup 

In Apache httpd.conf, uncomment these lines for additional logging. Restart the Apache service to enable them.

CustomLog logs/referer.log referer
CustomLog logs/agent.log agent
Or use the combined log setting to get them all in one logfile

CustomLog logs/access.log combined

Set servertokens to minimal to make it difficult for hackers

ServerTokens Minimal
ServerSignature Off

Add a new user to Filezilla, remove the newuser account or change the password, and disable the anonymous user in FileZilla.

Now just set a cron job or scheduler to run lynx or even php to open http://yourwebsite/yourblog/wp_mail.php once every couple of minutes and your mails will be added to your blog automatically.

Define some categories

  • WordPress
  • VOIP
  • Customizing Windows

Download some plugins

  • Sitemap from so that Google can troll your blog. The site also has some interesting javascript for adding Paypal donation links and Amazon wishlists to your site.
  • Sem-admin-menu for a cool menu that only admins will see at the top of the site, with links to often used tools like New Post. I added links to update Moblogs and phpAdmin
  • Sem-recent-comments

Select a color scheme from

Download a few themes and select one you like.

  • blue-bye-you
  • blue-radiant
  • coffee_cup
  • daisyraegemini
  • desert_theme
  • fleur
  • forumed
  • impthep
  • jakarta
  • journalized-blue
  • landzilla
  • lastregrets
  • letterhead
  • neuron has some nice folding boxes
  • nothern-web-coders
  • simple_clean
  • windstorm

If you’re not using the K2 theme, you can add AJAX commenting using the procedure from Zeo at

Install StatTrac from Randy Peterman. Instructions are in the download file.
Add a link to your WordPress admin menu somewhere to view your statistics

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