Installing PhpNuke on ciHost

It was easier than I thought to set up phpNuke on ciHost.

First go to your Monstercontrol at

Login with your website username and password

Click on Script Archive

Note the “Add MySql database” button at the top of the page. 

Check the box beside PhpNuke then click the Install button at the bottom of the page.

Done, now try it. Go to

Login as God with password Password

Click Edit Admins and change the God password to something more appropriate. You can also add your own nickname and give yourself Superuser rights.

You might have to modify the phpNuke config.php file. 

  • I had to change $dbpass and $dbname
  • Make sure $system is 0 if youre running on a Linux server, or 1 if its Windows.
  • Modify the site name, url, logo etc to your liking. Or you can do this in the Admin Preferences at

Upload your modified config.php file.

Make sure config.php is world-writable. CHMOD 666 it.


The default ciHost phpNuke is quite bare. You can add a number of modifications; blocks and modules. Note that ciHost installs phpNuke 5.2. Make sure that any mods you do are compatible with this version. The latest right now is v6.5.

I had to add the get_lang() and title() functions from v5.6 to mainfile.php

It looks like v5.6 has an extra bit to prevent hackers, I added that too.

v5.6 also wraps sql functions to allow use of databases other than mySql. If you see errors like “Undefined function call sql_query()”, then you can either change the function calls to “mysql_xxxx()”, or preferably add the following line to mainfile.php and upload includes/sql_layer.php


Some of the newer modules need modifications or additions to the sql database.


Flash_Chat uses macromedia flash to allow users to chat with each other.To install, you must first edit a few variables before you upload the files to your modules directory.

  1. config.php – you must add the base url to the location of the chat files
  2. index.php – If you are changing the name of the module directory, you need to edit the first ‘include’ variable
  3. htmlcode.php – here you can copy and paste the code generated to put the chat anywhere within your existing html code
  4. change file permissions: CHMOD flashchat.txt and users.txt to 777  

To change the titlebar display, bgcolor (for netscape only) and flash skin, edit the first few variables in index.php 

You can either specify $flashskin = skin.swf or simply overwrite the existing skin with a new one, and keep the filename the same.

You can replace the file loadmovie.swf with your own flash movie, and it will be loaded into level 1, above the flashskin.

Once you upload the directory, you’ll see Flash Chat available in the Other Options menu.

Helpdesk just sends mail to the appropriate support staff. I’d prefer something where you can see realtime the pending queries and their status.

Gallery is a photo album

wysiwyg_editor lets you see formatting while youre entering news and topics.

Private Messages lets users send each other messages on your website

phpBB2 User Menu puts user commands into one menubox. Handy and quite cute too.

Statistics displays stats about your website such as visits, browsers used.


Blocks are small blocks that can be added to the left or right panels of your website. Add blocks by copying them to your block directory. Edit the order they appear in, and whether they appear on the left or right side in the Admin screen.

block-Amazon.php displays news from If you join Amazon Associates program, you can get commissions on purchases made at amazon if someone goes there from your site. You have to change $amazon-id to your amazon id. You also have to upload the image/amazon directory but ciHost doesnt allow this. I modified 2 lines in Amazon.php to use a directory called myimages/amazon instead.

$imgs = dir('myimages/amazon');
$content .= "

SophusNewHoaxes, SophusTopTen and SophusNewViruses give short lists of the latest hoaxes and virus. Useful to keep users informed.

Randompic displays a random picture from your photo gallerys. You need to install the Gallery module first.

phpBB2 User Menu puts all user info into one block. Put block-phpBB2_User_Menu.php into blocks directory. Put the icon images into images/blocks/-phpBB2_User_Menu directory. Add the lang-****.txt files into your language file in language directory. Unfortunately theres only English and Thai languages, so if users select any other language they wont see the menu correctly.

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