Abba in Japan

For Yukie’s birthday we planned to take her to an Italian restaurant for a nice quiet meal with just a couple of close friends.

Or so she thought….

For months before the actual event, Reiko, Yuka, Junko and Yasuko had planned something completely different. Bugger the small dinner party! Lets invite EVERYONE! To Velfarre, one of the biggest nightclubs in Tokyo.

Despite the snow blizzard outside, nearly everyone made it and we had an excellent time.

The lighting was really bad, and all I had was my video recorder, so sorry for the poor pictures. Thankfully Reno switched the video to night mode so we can just about make out the guests.

One of the highlights of the show was the surprise appearance of ABBA !

They really are pros! 🙂

The Para Para team were just brilliant! LOL! I’ve never laughed so much before! :) 


And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, we are proud to present…

The Parapara Movie !!

The Para para show was absolutely fantastic! I stilil burst out laughing every time I watch this video, it’s just sooo good 🙂

  • Download the movie in MPEG format (11.2Mb) [Its big, but good quality]
  • or try the Windows Streaming format (1.85Mb) [low quality, but a small download]
  • The 3 original AVI files total about 400Mb and are very dark. If you want to try improving the quality I can send you them on a CDR.

And coming soon…

The ABBA movie!

I’ll get the ABBA movie uploaded real soon now. The original AVI file is 600Mb. If anyone wants it on CDR let me know. AVIs of the full party are about 2.8Gb.


Thanks again to everyone who came along despite the terrible weather. Thanks to Reiko, Yuka and Junko for organizing such a great party. Thanks to Yasuko for being such a great MC and Neil for doing a great job as DJ. Thanks Reno for taking the video. And thanks to the Para Para team, Itoh, Ishiwata and Hoshino, for putting on such a fantastic performance and giving us all a great laugh.

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